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Goa Shredded Maxi

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Milk the Goat

Goa Shredded Maxi~Batik Tie Dye is handmade with love in Bali. It's unique Balinese process of Tie-Dye leaves each dress a little bit different, making each one unique and special, just like you!! Wear to the beach or a music festival or shopping in Venice! Wherever you wear it you will look like the beautiful Rock Star Goddess that you are! 100% cotton-jersey

NOTE: MTG Logo necklace also shown in this look.


SIZING NOTE: The size Tall-Small (TS) is a special size we created for our beautiful tall and slim Milkmaids who find it hard to find clothes long enough for them. The size TS is a size small, just longer in length!


Funky Rainbow